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100% Client Satisfaction

My old-fashioned CV was getting me nowhere. The CV that Vanessa Gayle created for me transformed my presentation and my job search. Within 3 weeks, I was offered a new
job in Dubai. Without a doubt, the best career investment I have made.

Cedric Calus, Private Chef 

Dubai, UAE

A gifted professional whose CVs never fail to secure interviews for our candidates. Thus far, 100% have reached the interview stage with our clients. Vanessa Gayle is able to take a mediocre CV and transform it into a truly powerful sales tool. 

OASIS Exclusive Household Staff 

French Riviera

Vanessa has written my CV for me on two occasions now. She is exceptionally talented at capturing and summarising  experience, as well as presenting it beautifully. The first time I used Vanessa, I landed my first big role in the Middle East. I can't recommend her enough. 

Christina BurrowsHouse Manager 

 Jordan, Middle East

Vanessa transformed my CV from a list of information to a clear and concise resume that helped me secure a fantastic position and made the whole job searching process a lot easier.

Russell Pond, Estate Manager

French Riviera

Vanessa has done an amazing job transforming my resume. She takes the time to get to know you and what you're looking for to create a bespoke resume tailored to you. This helped in securing a job in a matter of weeks.

Darren Gallagher, Private Chef 

London, UK

Vanessa worked very closely and carefully with me to write the perfect resume. She has great knowledge to both fill in the blanks and bring your KPIs to the forefront. I can highly recommend her services.

Mark Ferris, Chief of Staff

 Doha, Qatar

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