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Vanessa Gayle, CPRW, CEIP

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Certified CV/Resume Writer             Certified Interview Coach             15+ Years' Experience              Recruiter Endorsed

International Service

Clients from Australia, Europe, UK and USA have secured jobs worldwide:

mman, Bali, Brussels, California, Cayman Islands, Dubai, Doha, French Alps, French Riviera, Geneva, Gold Coast, Hong Kong, London, Monaco, New York, Paris, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sydney, Washington DC

Drawing on expert credentials, 15+ years of CV writing experience, a background in private service, and insider knowledge of job roles, I know exactly what it takes to ensure you make a winning first impression.  


I create  professional, modern, visually appealing CVs that consistently set my clients apart from other candidates. Each CV is custom-tailored, expertly written and role-specific to position you as a perfect-fit candidate. 


Over the years, I have helped innumerable private service professionals at all career levels to secure job offers, as well as to transition careers, notably hotel and restaurant chefs to private chefs and ex-military to private CPOs.

The majority of my clients come to me through referrals from previous clients, as well as through private staffing agencies in the UK and France.

Interview-Winning Results

"My old-fashioned CV was getting me nowhere. The CV that Vanessa Gayle created for me transformed my presentation and my job search. Within 3 weeks, I was offered a new job in Dubai. Without a doubt, the best career investment I have made."

Cedric Callus, Private Chef, Dubai, UAE

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